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When I walk by and my hand oscillates like a pendulum you never know with every swing, backward or forward, I am capturing moments...
A Photographer’s Diary
When I was at about 10 years old, this black plastic gadget attracted me a lot. I used to play with my Dad’s broken Brownie, and somewhat pressing the shutter and mocking a pro photographer’s attitude always used to give me fun! Then I grew up. Belonging to a middle-class family starting photography with a film camera, buying films, print them to see the result always kept me away from this world. Then came my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music cell phone. Now I could shutter any moment without caring the expenses, and I did. By capturing about 10K shots through its tiny sensor and after being appreciated from my friends over the social networking sites gave me the courage to move on with a better cam! Soon, I bought the Panasonic Leica DMC FZ28, a superzoom all-rounder. It is almost a Swiss knife. You can do anything with it, but not anything special like a dedicated lens would. But, still I’m continuing with it and it is great if you stick to the lower ISO range. I kept studying a lot about ‘Painting with Light’ and kept myself grooming. After completing many assignments on wedding and event photography , I sought a better system and soon found the DSLRs to be a lame one according to my needs. I needed one small system with responsive performance and picture quality which worth investing in. I bought an Olympus OMD EM5 and have become a fan of it. It has inspired me to write blogs around gadgets and daily life of a photographer which is full of drama and challenges.
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