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Shooting Landscape with a Portrait Lens - Olympus 45mm f/1.8

First of all, let me clarify it to you that there cannot be one lens for only one purpose in digital era of photography. A macro lens is very versatile for shooting portraits; likewise a tele lens of 300mm is awesome for portraits as well as wildlife and sports. A wideangle lens can be used with awesome success if you want some environmental portraits. Here also, an Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f/1.8 (90mm in full format), which is made for MFT camera-bodies can be used for different purposes like, landscape and ’astrophotography’ as well.

Celestial ( Shutter Speed - 5 sec ; Aperture - f/2.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Unedited )

Sideways ( Shutter Speed - 1/2500 sec ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Olympus Flim Grain Filter used )

Yes, many will tell you how awesome this lens is for portraits and its f/1.8 aperture is a treat to work with if you want to throw the background into a creamy blur. It is razor-sharp in its focus zone. And the autofocus, MY GOD ITS AUTOFOCUS, definitely the fastest in every possible situation experienced by me. All these aspects make this awesome lens perfect for portraits and low light shots.

Seaside Vendor ( Shutter Speed - 1/6 sec ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 800 ; Handheld shot ; Unedited )

Dusk ( Shutter Speed - 1/100 ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 400 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5 )

But, as I use this lens most of the times shooting almost anything and everything, I have this epiphany how good it is for other purposes as well. It’s awesome quality of bokeh you can use very creatively on any occasion, like on product-photography, food-photography, and of course street-photography. But, someday when I tried it on some sunset, its awesome colour and sharpness won my heart. Since then, I have used it on many landscapes and it has not disappointed me.

Flying Together ( Shutter Speed - 1/1250 Sec ; Aperture - f/2.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5 )

Water Tank ( Shutter Speed - 1/4000 ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Olympus Film Grain Filter )

Tranquil Sunset (Shutter Speed - 1/1250 ; Aperture - f/4.5 ; ISO - 200 ; Unedited )

Shooting a landscape does not always mean to include each and everything into the frame. With this lens you can be very subjective with the selection of objects which particularly makes one frame beautiful. Yes, this is challenging; but working out of your comfort-zone is what gives us the valuable experience and makes us better artists. This is a lens that teaches you more and inspires you with its awesome result. This lens is an inspiration; that is what exactly it is!

Water Colour (Shutter Speed - 1/320 ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Unedited )

F/1.8 is a very fast aperture and you can use it successfully for astrophotography as well. I use Olympus OMD-EM5 as my primary camera-body, and it does not give you very clean image-output above ISO 6400 in terms of noise performance, you can successfully use it for astrophotography. I normally use 5 seconds loop for the sharp star-shot and the milky-way at ISO-1000 at f/1.8 . After the post process it looks very much workable with an 8”/6” print.

Twinkles ( Shutter Speed - 6 sec ; Aperture ; f/1.8 ; ISO - 1000 ; Unedited )

Or this star-shot at ISO-5000, isn’t shabby at all…

Make a Wish _( Shutter Speed - 4 sec ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 5000 ; Edited in Photoshop _)

Here, some other examples of star-works…

Venus ( Shutter Speed - 10 Secs ; Aperture - f/2.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5 )

Moonlight Sonata ( Shutter Speed - 4 Sec ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 800 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)

In conclusion, I must say that this lens is may not be the perfect for landscapes or it has tried to be; this lens is simply Fun! It is super-fast, superbly stabilized (on OMD-EM5), Katana-sharp, and versatile for many occasions; and above all, this lens is the cheapest prime (please ignore the body-cap lens thing!) for MFT users in India! This is must buy for people who loves prime lenses with awesome quality and loves to get themselves out of their comfort-zone and CREATES!

Roadside ( Shutter Speed - 1/4000 Sec ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 ; taken from a moving car with Film-grain filter on )

Celestial ( Previous picture’s edited version; Edited in Photoshop CS5 )

Wingman ( Shutter Speed - 1/500 ; Aperture - f/2.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Unedited )

**Jungle Road **(Shutter Speed - 1/400 ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Taken from a moving car ; Edited in Photoshop CS5 )

Rainbow on the Moon ( Shutter Speed - ½ sec ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 800 ; Handheld shot ; Edited in Photoshop CS5 )

Water Colour ( Shutter Speed - 1/160 sec ; Aperture - f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)