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My Way of Street Photography - Taking Shots from My Car with Olympus OMD-EM5 and M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8

I know, many of you while moving around from place to place see things, compositions; even you see a potential masterpiece if your eyes could capture a single frame. But you feel those amazing moments getting lost just like a PUFF! I also do feel the same. Then, I got this amazing set-up of an OMD EM5 and a 45mm f/1.8 M.Zuiko lens. This combination gives me a light-foot; a lighting fast AF, now I hardly miss moments while moving around by my car.

Journey - This image was taken while crossing a rail-gate ( Shutter-Speed - 1/2500 Sec ; Aperture -f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 )

Pilgrimage - I anticipated this frame when I was at the end of a Hindu pilgirmage procession on its way to the temple of Lord Shiva, clicked it when my car moved past its leader ( Shutter-Speed - 1/500 Sec ; Aperture -f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 )

I admit, this is just fun, and even many of you do not see much art in it. But, if you leave these seriousness about photography, you have to admit that you will also try that yourself in pursuit of some better result.

Storm Chasing ( Shutter-Speed - 1/4000 Sec ; Aperture -f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 )

Biker ( Shutter-Speed - 1/4000 sec ; Aperture -f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 ; Grainy Filter Used)

Here, I have to say something about my ride; Its an XUV-500 (an SUV, made by Mahindra and Mahindra) which is mostly chaufferdriven; when I go for a long drive, I indulge myself into a bit fun with my camera. The ride of this car is excellent and coupled with OMD-EM5’s amazing 5 Axis IS, it gives me many workable interesting shots.

Buzz-er ( Shutter-Speed - 1/800 Sec; Aperture -f/1.8 ; ISO - 200 )

Waiting in a Rainy Traffic Jam - This was taken in the evening, you may notice the amazing bokeh details of water-drops ( Shutter-Speed - 1/13 Sec ; Aperture -f/1.8 ; ISO - 800 )

On a serious note, the entire thing is a bit hard to accomplish as well. This is something like shooting in fast-forward, or in race-mode (if any!). You have to see, compose and Fire; and hope that is AF has worked the way you wanted. And to be honest, in most of the cases the camera does the right job. In this way I have known my gear in a better way and I have made myself ready for rapid-shooting when I need. It has made my reflexes faster and in a business where you have to paint with light, matters a lot!

Bokeh Test ( Shutter-Speed - 1/25 Sec ; Aperture -f/1.8 ; ISO - 800 )